September 25, 2012

we race the lights

ancient necklace; American Apparel top; vintage Emporio Armani belt; Shorts from random vendor in Bangkok; H&M, Queen Baby + miscellaneous bracelets; ancient ring; H&M ankle boots

I have an unhealthy addiction to denim cutoffs: the more microscopic, the better. The mid-rise cut of these shorts allows me to wear this belt (which must have been meant for either very high waisted pants or very thin waists) stretched to its very outermost hole. The necklace is a corny crystal pentagram I've had since I was eight years old, and the pinky ring used to be a regular ring that fit my pointer finger when I was little. There is an odd comfort in putting on a faithful piece of jewelry that has persevered with you through the years and after I think I've lost it for the hundredth time, without fail always randomly turns up somewhere to be worn.

September 24, 2012

row me to death


The leaves are golden brown against the ground, and it's fall in our part of the world. It's definitely time to bring out the trench coat and the woolly sweaters from hiding. If only I could add every piece of this collection, and make it a part of my closet, the world would be right. The collection stays true to it's idea of timeless elegance. Every form and contour within the fabric rages with an exactness that is kind of perfect. The dark and tanned color scheme aligns with the glowing hues that only autumn can bring. I basically want it all.

September 19, 2012

ghosts n stuff

H&M hat and necklace; Hanes tank; Bluelife dress; Forever 21 and H&M rings

Enjoying one of the last days in the summer sun and also one of the last times I will probably get to wear this dress until next summer. Asides from being an excellent beach cover up, a tissue-thin white cotton dress normally has little to no practical application in everyday life. This is my attempt to not seem/be semi-naked without relying on a bikini. And the hat because it may get cold.