October 25, 2012

just bite it in half

Products used:

On Dané: Anastasia brow wiz in ash, MAC paintpot in groundwork, Bobbi Brown smokey eye palette, BH Cosmetics (light blue eyeshadow swiped on lids), Wet n' Wild lipstick in 901B, Givenchy Rouge Interdit lipstick in fantasy pink (used on lips and cheeks)

On Vanessa: Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation in no. 5, BH Cosmetics (neutral dark brown eyeshadow used as contour), Make Up Forever extreme camouflage cream (used over eyebrows and lips), Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner in charcoal/Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow in pomegranate punk/Bobbi Brown longwear cream shadow in galaxy (blotted with makeup brush on eyes)

Note: Absolutely no sparkles or glitter in any shape or form was used for my vampire look. Sorry Edward. 

Dané: Mimosa tiara; Blue Ruby pearl necklace; La Vie en Rose dress; Mackage leather jacket; H&M stockings; Forever21 + Joe Fresh bracelets; Aldo heels

Vanessa: Dillema faux fur collar, Aldo rosary necklace, H&M bustier, maxi skirt from Bangkok vendor, Aldo laceup boots, Forever21 cuff

There is always a certain mysterious freedom that comes with Halloween. This freedom seems to present itself in different forms -- from the makeup, to showing X amount of skin, to simply dressing a little more outlandish or fancier than usual (all done in character, of course). A time when calculated creativity and being flamboyantly ludicrous coexist in perfect tandem. 

October 21, 2012


It would be highly unoriginal of me to say that wine lipstick is the most standout fall beauty craze and leave it at that. Having only just started wearing bold lip colors (I was always more of a nude/lip balm/gloss girl), I naturally read all the necessary "how to wear wine lipstick" articles in order to prep for such a seemingly scary color. There were many ways to wear wine lipstick, but dark eye makeup is, apparently, unacceptable and too goth (but whoever said goth was unacceptable?!). So here I am, with a perhaps slightly overenthusiastic dose of black eyeshadow on my face, and the "it" lip color of the season. Sometimes being unacceptable feels much more interesting.

October 18, 2012

vancouver topshop opening

Topshop used to be a blissful, foreign thought: only accessible in physically tangible form by means of a faraway vacation. Case in point: the last time I set foot in a Topshop apart from today was in Bangkok a few months ago. Today marks the day when this remoteness no longer has to be the sad reality and my Topshop excursions are not only restricted to accompanying exotic locales. The financial implications of having a Topshop here in Vancouver are very grave, indeed. Sneaker wedges heaven much? 

October 16, 2012

god won't waste this simplicity on possibility

Andain needs no introduction in the electronic dance music scene. Their debut album, "You Once Told Me", is a flawless embodiment of their signature graceful, hauntingly soulful sound. Producer Josh Gabriel and vocalist/songwriter Mavie Marcos do not disappoint: nothing has quite as much elegant poetic depth as an Andain track, I find. Simple, yet so powerful. You can tell they spent a long time on this. 

The album includes a track released in 2002, 2012 single "Much Too Much" as well as massive 2011 summer hit "Promises." The bonus tracks in the Deluxe Album version (exclusive to iTunes) includes a Jaytech remix of "Promises" that I am especially partial to, as well as a Gabriel and Dresden mix of the timeless "Beautiful Things" (if you haven't heard it, please stop reading immediately and go listen to the original here). 

Andain's album is available for purchase on iTunes here

I leave you with one of my favorite tracks off the album, titled "Like":

October 3, 2012

senseless focus

Dané: Ray-Ban wayfarers; Blue Ruby necklace; vintage Liz Claiborne vest; H&M turtleneck; American Eagle shorts; Rachel Comey ankle boots

Vanessa: Talula straw fedora; vintage jacket; H&M jumpsuit; vintage jade bangle; vintage Lanvin bag; Zara wedges

There is something to be said for traipsing a gravel road in towering heels with a too-long hemline versus the more practical getup of shorts and tights. Function and its antonymical equivalent (not in the sense of malfunction) seem to both have become watchwords of the day.

October 2, 2012

a constant reminder of where I can find her

Music tends to keep me sane in an otherwise insane kind of world. I've been patiently waiting for what seem's like an eternity for this darling quartet to put together, and release a second studio album. I no longer itch. I downloaded the entire album right when it came out on September 25th off iTunes; and ever since then, it's like I've been propelled into something that is most agreeable with me. The prior album Sigh No More had more references to literary works however, so I kind of felt like I was listening to Shakespeare himself belt out a tune, which is totally rad. But Babel is simply just good music that pulls every type of blue grass and folk influences right from it's roots. Reminder, Hopeless Wanderer, and Broken Crown (which is reminiscent of Little Lion Man) are probably my favorites. Marcus and a mandolin end the day quite nicely I think.