January 16, 2013

crash test dummy: maybelline colorsensational vivids

Shades from left to right: Vibrant Mandarin (used on top lip), Electric Orange (used on lower lip), Pink Pop, Hot Plum

I am a self-confessed makeup snob, especially with lip products. I take an almost sexual satisfaction in pulling out a nice lipstick/gloss tube out of my bag -- my previous raptures regarding Tom Ford lipsticks prove my point. However, these Maybellline Colorsensational Vivids Lipcolor lipsticks may actually coerce me into taking them along on nights out to see and be seen. 

Weekends are my ultimate litmus test for any beauty product: if it can stand up to a night of sloppy drinking and still stays on when the sun starts to rise, it can stand up to most things we throw at it in less taxing situations. These lipsticks stayed on, and with a few reapplications (mostly because I forgot to bring lip balm so I used this as a substitute), they lasted for the entirely-too-long session of  unabashed debauchery. There was no dry flaking, my lips still felt soft and the color faded to a not unattractive-looking stain by the end. Granted, the color doesn't stay as blindingly bright as the hours wear on -- however, it's definitely still bright enough. 

The colors in the Colorsensational Vivids line are just that -- vivid as all hell. The staying power is similar to that of department store lipsticks, and I daresay that they surpass some expensive brands in moisturizing properties. Shocked, really, at how nice my lips still felt afterwards. No dead skin, no flaking (I clocked one piece of dead skin -- one little flake), no chapping, no dry feeling, goes on creamy with a slight sheen and the color is ultra-saturated. I don't need to enthuse about how you'll get the most bang for your buck (you will) or how inexpensive they are (each lipstick cost me $8.99). Just go buy it. It's good shit. 

My following confession will probably dispel any remaining doubts you may have regarding this product and any wildly unfounded beliefs about me being prim or proper: "sloppy drinking" was actually an euphemism for "I threw up so much, if not all, of my dinner that the resulting pile of vomit rivaled the size of my torso." And my lipstick was still perfect. Either it's very good lipstick, or I'm exceptionally gifted in the art of being a glorious mess without ruining any of my makeup. No shame. 

solitary mushroomness

Vanessa: vintage Rodenstock sunglasses; vintage necklace; H&M jacket; H&M men's T-shirt; random harem trousers purchased in Asia; Forever21 heels; Diesel watch; vintage Lanvin bag

Dané: Ray Ban wayfarers; Brandy Melville necklace; T.babaton silk tank; Le Fou blazer; Rag & Bone jeans; Zara heels

When I think of  the typical pub, where people go to to chill & chow on chicken wings, images of everything bordering the term "casual" come to mind - especially when it comes to what people are wearing. Here we are however, in our sunglasses and heels that could easily murder us. I think it's safe to say you can never be too "dressed up."  Having said all of this however, I still believe any noteworthy ensemble should always appear pared down. Personally, I think this is quintessential to the whole notion of being effortlessly "chic". I'm not here to profess that I know everything about what is deemed to be fashionable, but I do know what I like. Pairing some skinnies with a blazer will do it for me. I probably shouldn't be bending over, attempting to play pool in these second skin Rag & Bone jeans, in fear of  a potential wardrobe malfunction of sorts. My apologies for looking like someone farted in the room; clearly I was a tad bit apprehensive about having my photo taken. My complexion was disgustingly offensive at that moment in time - good thing it's not too apparent, but everything is different up close.