February 27, 2013

strange hearts, bad shows, & clear medicine

American Apparel beanie; Abercrombie & Fitch denim jacket; modified Jack & Jones men's graphic tee; random flannel shirt from Hong Kong supermarket; H&M skirt; Aldo boots

What did I say previously about having perma-beanie syndrome? ....Right. I still refuse to take it off, with perhaps more energy and conviction than this particular wardrobe predicament may deserve. It's just hard to get over how a beanie immediately adds some dirt/grunge/grit into every ensemble: flannel shirts and ripped denim, natch. With all perma-beanie/lumberjackism worshipping aside, the graphic tee is one I bought perhaps four or five years ago but have never worn, my only reason of purchase being that it had half naked girls on it and 18-year-old me thought I was being a badass. It sat in my drawer, untouched, until three years ago when I took it upon myself to take a pair of scissors to it. We have since then become veritably inseparable. Never underestimate the prodigious and oftentimes profoundly efficacious power of alteration. 

February 25, 2013

Cotte D'Armes

We had the pleasure of attending the fashion show of designer Clarence Ruth for his 2013 Spring/Summer collection for Cotte D'Armes; a collection based out in New York. Clarence has worked with the likes of John Varvatos, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch - he has definitely worked his creative magic among many fellow designers in the thriving New York fashion scene. The Cotte D'Armes line takes on a novel and bold approach to every day denim: it reminds me of how much impact basics can have when the proportions are tweaked just so.

Loose tanks, tall fedoras, and a studded vest I could feel Vanessa immediately start to covet dominated the show, alongside denim that somehow balances a level of intrigue with a subtlety and simplicity that illustrates Clarence Ruth's astonishing attention to detail. The collection stresses a super fitted concept, that incorporates leather details to enhance the design of the denim. Cotte D'Armes' biker-on-the-beach is at once edgy and laidback, taking the structure of a born-and-bred  east coast design aesthetic and infusing it with the cool, easygoing vibes of the west. At points daring with darker tones, Cotte D'Armes is still able to offer wearability that is undeniable.

Click here to check out the entire collection for both women and men. 

The event was put on by BOND + Empress Group. It was also the night where BOND officially launched their website - a digital magazine for men that brings together a very specific lifestyle aesthetic, while showcasing innovative creations in the world of design.

February 18, 2013

sunny side up

One thing that I always used to carry with me were oil blotting sheets. The Clean and Clear oil sheets were my favorite; my face was always shine free after every use. Vanessa used to always tell me I could fry an egg on my forehead - because it appeared so greasy. I just started experiencing super oily skin about two years ago, and it is something I'd like to mitigate in any way possible. This is why I'd go through packs and packs of oil sheets as if my life depended on them. I'd get the utmost satisfaction every time the sheet becomes clear and see through after a thorough rubbing of my oil stricken face. Anyhow, I no longer have to resort to these oil sheets and this is a damn good thing because they do not come cheap. I have recently discovered this e.l.f translucent matifying powder, and I swear it's better than a hot cup of tea on a cold rainy day. This is super lightweight and doesn't go on heavy in the slightest; which is something I absolutely love in a powder (I hate feeling so caked on). It blends in easily, and I usually apply it after my moisturizer and throughout the day when I want to fight off any shine. I also like to apply it to my eyelids, as well as under my eyes to set my makeup for the day. The most awesome part of it all is the price: It's $3. That's like a coffee and a frickin' muffin! You need this shit.

February 6, 2013

we like fried chicken & coke

American Apparel beanie; vintage choker; Aldo bodychain; BCBG Max Azria maxi dress; vintage belt; Forever21 cuff; Queen Baby bracelet; Diesel watch

There is a mysterious quality inherent in super long hemlines that makes me not want to wear shoes. Therefore, it only made sense to shoot indoors so I would be at liberty to pad around barefoot to my heart's content. The lounge-y element of what is essentially a floor-length silk slip takes this dress into glorious public-nightgown territory, in which I delightedly frolicked with what I like to think of as impunity. Of course I'm going to wear a beanie with it, because I can't seem to not wear a beanie with anything these days. It's a phase. Apparently I've also forgotten how to properly utilize negatives: this is the post of me not wanting to wear shoes along with being unable to not wear a beanie with everything in my closet. Irreverence: the key word of this post, in the sense of both dress and language. Grammar nazis, come at me.