March 25, 2013

scarecrows in la seine

Dané: Talula fedora; Ray-Ban wayfarers; Wilfred sweater; French Connection dress; H&M bag; Rachel Comey ankle boots

Vanessa: Ray-Ban aviators; vintage necklace and denim vest; Liz Claiborne shirt; ancient bralette;  H&M hot pants; Dr Martens boots; Forever21 and UBC vendor rings 

 It would appear that both Vanessa and I have some sort of sick inclination to wear sunglasses indoors..but Spring is here and it's safe to say we can take our "deviant" ways to the great outdoors. Don't let the rays of light fool you nor blind you; by the end of the shoot we both felt like our hands had no fingers. I am always utterly amazed at how short Vanessa's shorts can get. Kudos to her for pulling it off so effortlessly because I for one would just look like a stray chicken in need of some serious grain. Self-deprecating notes aside..I found this fcuk dress stashed deeply away in the abyss that is my closet. Spring cleaning really does prove effective when trying to find something to wear. The third photo from the top is reminiscent of a romantic Parisian experience by the river or something. All that's missing from the photo: A Jean Pierre character of sorts feeding me croissants and Camembert. I truly believe that romance is not dead. 

March 19, 2013

je vais voir l'ombre que tu devins

Vanessa: H&M earring and dress; ring from random shop in Little Tokyo, LA; vintage choker and fur coat; Forever 21 heels

Dané: Topshop hat; Urban Outfitters shirt and faux leather skirt; Wilfred jacket; Club Monaco tights; Archtype necklace, J Crew bangles; vintage gold bracelet; Chanel bag

 Rarely am I grateful for the unrelenting gloomy weather, but the practice of wearing heavy fur coats come spring remains the happy prerogative of us umbrella-wielding Vancouverites. The nude-ish pink lipstick is by Kate Moss for Rimmel (#08 if you're interested); it feels slightly awkward yet simultaneously refreshing to take a break from my usual bright coral, red or the ubiquitous Chanel Rouge Noir (namely, not worrying about having lipstick on my teeth or harbouring any reservations about drunkenly inhaling hotdogs from 7-11). The lipstick itself however, sadly proved no match for the onslaught of beverages following our shoot. This dress from H&M has earned me many a creative comment, from "voodoo witch" to "devil Pocahontas": the most memorable response being a futile but nevertheless valiant attempt to devour the poor tassels. I always have and probably always will have a special place in my heart for tasseled anything, cumbersome garments very much included. Dané's pilgrim-esque hat is something I have a feeling I will steal come summertime. Nightclub attire should always be a little strange. It keeps things interesting, no?

March 8, 2013

diet mountain dew, baby, new york city

Talula jacket; H&M sweater; J Brand jeans; Tom Ford glasses; Zara necklace; Michael Kors watch, Brandy Melville ring & bracelet; Aldo boots

One of my favorite ways of dressing down: the ever so easy combination of skinny jeans and a slightly over sized sweater. As of late, I find I have been wandering into the men's section every time I'm looking for something that isn't going to constrain my body. I'm pleasantly comfortable in this men's sweater, not to mention my homage of sorts that turns back the clock to the eclectic moments I experienced during my sweet (but very short) time in NYC. I haven't worn this jacket in quite some time but now that spring has arrived I think we'll be seeing a lot of each other. It's light enough and the green goose-shit color seem's to go with everything. I was perusing my closet and it's like a tiny microcosm of a J Brand factory or something. I think I own (almost) every color in my go to jean of choice. So here I am browsing the produce aisles (which have redefined my notion of what sensory overload is) and all I can think about are the mini sour sunny bears that I found; I literally yelped with excitement. About $90 dollars later: I left with my bears, some dried prunes and pasta you'll never find at superstore. No regrets.

March 5, 2013

five pin unicorns & shamrock milkshakes

Fingercroxx cap; Bebe coat; H&M necklace and ring; Aldo bodychain; American Apparel tee; leather corset from random skank shop in Vancouver; H&M jeans; Diesel watch; Aldo heels

It's safe to say that I am embarking upon a (very gradual) journey in progressing from beanies to other forms of skull adornment. The hat however, is far from new: this is the first time I have taken it from its resting place in several years. Absence makes the heart grow fonder -- or at least slightly warmer. I've missed this hat, but I remember back in the day (and to an extent still now), I had a great aversion to wearing hats backwards. Today marks the day I shove my proverbial foot into the surely protesting mouth of my twenty-year-old self. The hat (worn backwards, no less) might be a subconscious attempt to channel whatever bits of previously dormant hoodrat instincts I possess. Which isn't much, if at all: it is my understanding that the universe has long ago regretfully declined to bequeath upon my person even the most pitiful amount of this happy quality. The coated jeans are an article of marvelously joy-inducing, iridescent pink and green unicornious magical wonder. I feel like whoever wears them needs to be sporting My Little Pony hair and a lot of sparkly pink/fluffy things (perhaps a wand?). So naturally, I wore a leather corset. This little pony needs a whip to crack instead. Also, maybe a skateboard or something.