January 11, 2014

flowers, not jewelry

All photography by a relative who is ridiculously immersed in the dubious craft of iphoneography. Search her up on Instagram by #photographerjo
Zara jacket & shoes; Bershka romper; vintage Lanvin bag; vintage gold chain and rings
Being in Asia has both its pitfalls and small victories: small, cramped spaces such as bathrooms in which I unfailingly bang my elbows against every possible existent/nonexistent surface, and small, cramped spaces such as creepy hallways with flickering lights which provides an unsettlingly perfect backdrop for camera fun. All photos here are taken with an iPhone 5. Unprofessional? Perhaps slightly. Grainy? My deepest apologies. More fun and spontaneous, not to mention super convenient editing options? Definitely. Sorry for being lazy. Sending all my love from every ominous-looking nook and cranny in Hong Kong. Wish you were here.

1 comment:

  1. Hong Kong still looks amazing, despite being a bit cramped. It is one of the places I have to travel one day. The grainy photos make it looks artistic lol.