April 13, 2014

i'm gonna chase your hell away

He doesn't even bother to say hello. 

"You're going to like this," my phone proclaimed at two in the morning. 
Brad had just sent me a remix for the decidedly eye-candyesque, Australian-import dance music royalty, TyDi. TyDi's tracks are never your run-of-the-mill EDM fodder, so logic stands to reason that he is someone who appreciates the value of originality and a strong sense of self (have you ever listened to his stuff? Go do it now here and here). It's little wonder he chose to release this remix.   

Featuring Dia Frampton, a runner-up for The Voice, this remix reminds me of when Brad and I first became friends (I don't chart all my friendships by the type of music we listened to, but this is different): the beach-music progressive beat, chopped up vocals, gently ecstatic vibe, with just the slightest bit of grit. Bump this while driving, bump this at the beach, bump this at home... just don't bump it in front of some fur-boot-wearing 16-year-old who went to UMF to hear Animals. That's doing everyone here a disservice. 

A masterful cross between progressive and indie, with a touch of chillstep thrown in... This remix, for me, is something that stays true to its creator's roots and harkens back to simpler times, while still sounding fresh with its genre-mixing and innovation. I asked Brad and Victor to describe their signature sound before, and they didn't have an answer for me back then, but they definitely sound like they're developing one now. Hats off, Brad and Vic. 

Whenever I need dependable, never-let-you-down music: soundcloud.com/bradandvictorh

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